Hi, my name is Lauren Reeves! I am majoring in Elementary Education at the University of South Alabama. I am looking forward to graduating and teaching my own class soon!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Being an successful teacher (Hands on Learning)!

A good teacher does not just say open your book to chapter 5 and do the questions in the back or complete this worksheet (we all have had one of those teachers)! A good teacher starts a lesson off by an introduction like an experiment that is eye catching to students. The introduction will go along with the chapter! A good teacher has fun learning activities for the students to learn. Being hands on for a student is the number one way to learn because it will stick with the student. They tend to remember things that are fun to them or interesting then just from reading straight out of a book. I will me a hands on teacher! My students will have a fun activity with every chapter or discussion!

Parent Involvement

I really hope to have parent involvement in my classroom. It is very important to have as much help as you can! I will send home a letter asking for help. If the parent is interested I will ask for their availability and ask them what they would like to do. For example help out with parties, Projects, testing,one on one help with students, etc. I will not hesitate to ask parents for help because it will help their child! Parent involvement is a big help especially if you have a large class because you will not be able to do somethings by your self or the students will not get all of the help they need!


Blogging is a great way for students to learn! I just figured that out by being in EDM 310. My elementary students will blog at least once a week! Blogging is a fun way to learn how to use technology, great way to learn how to write and express themselves.
I will give my students fun topics each week, it will be a way to learn more about each other. I will also have the same blog as they do and I will do the assignments each week,so they will get to know me and my opinions. Each student will have to comment on another students blog as well.
I will also have a class blog where the parents can check on what their child is doing,whats for homework and lots of other fun things! I think the parents will really appreciate that!

Is Technology in the Classroom Important?

YES it is very important!!! It is 2010, technology now days is the way of life! :) As a teacher I will use lots of technology in my classroom. It can make learning fun for the students. My students will have a blog! Blogging is a great way to write and express yourself. My students will have a blogging assignment each week.

The types of technology I will hopefully have in my class is computers a the smart bored! The different programs that I will teach are blogging,goggle presentations,Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, movie maker,and many more!

Group Work!!

With my class I will be doing a lot of small group activities! It helps the students learn to work together as a TEAM and pull their own weight. Small groups also can be fun and helpful for students. There will be times where I will have different stations for the groups to work in! Also their will be times where the students will just come up with ideas together! I will assign each student a job to do in the group whether it is being the writer, making sure their space is cleaned up after the project, getting all of the supplies for the project, and many more. I will have a sheet that every student fills out after they work in their groups to see what they had to say about their group members! It is a good way to see if every child participated and if not then I will make sure next time they will!

When I was doing my comments4teachers One of my teachers blog had great ideas for group work (it was such a great idea I would definitely recommend it)! If you would like to check it out CLICK HERE!

My Classroom Blog!

When I became a teacher and start to teach my elementary class, I plan to have a class blog for each school year. This will allow the parents to be more interactive with the class. In my class blog I will have the following:

1.Contact information for me and information about me so the parents and students can get to know me better!
2.Class information such as: what we are doing in class that day,Homework for the week, up coming events, and many more things.
3. I will post pictures of the students during activities, field trips, and any other actives we do such as:Parties and plays.
4. I will also post Presentations and videos